NAUTIG SE with purely Czech capital has been operating on the European market since 2013. We specialize in the production of vessels of welded aluminum of the highest quality. In our production we exclusively use the most modern aeronautical aluminum alloys from Scandinavian production, developed and designed specifically for contact with water. All these factors, together with the “rivet-free” torsion design philosophy, deliver ultimate results. We produce boats and pontoon systems that will reliably serve future generations.
  • Development and production of welded boats (hydro – aluminium material)
  • Fishing boats, arpfen boots, special boats (Bass Boats, Deep-Vee Boats, Sea Fishing Boats
  • Residential boats and houseboats in aluminum.
  • Welding of aluminum and its aeronautical alloys (MIG, MAG, TIG)
  • Modifications of boats and interiors “on request”
  • Implementation of projects “on request”

Future belongs to aluminium! 

CE certification, guaranteed warranty and post-warranty service and a personal approach all guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. However, we are based in Prague and our production takes place exclusively in the Jihlava facility. Here we will also (upon appointment and during working hours) meet you at a completely non-binding consultation or calculation of your projects. Here you can see our production, inspect and test the model lines of boats and, if interested, interpret your requirements for the configuration of our products tailor-made. The production is in the form of serial and custom production of vessels exclusively from aluminum and its alloys. In addition to mass production, we are able to carry out bespoke projects such as marine catamarans, sailboats or turnkey houseboats.

dreaming OF A BOAT?

We have “ready to go” aluminium boats in various ranges but we always looking for a challenge!  We can realize your very custom turn-key project. Contact us for details.